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Accueil > Liste de Produits > Série d'insecticides > Imidaclopride insecticide > Vendre un insecticide à action rapide imidaclopride 97% TC 20% SL 70% WDG

Vendre un insecticide à action rapide imidaclopride 97% TC 20% SL 70% WDG

Informations de base

Modèle: 97% TC 20%SL 70%WDG

Description du produit

Spécifications 1. bonne qualité et prix compétitif
2. enregistré dans plus de 20 pays
3. expérience d'exportation de plus de 10 ans

Au sujet de notre compagnie:
Shandong Qiaochang Chemical Co., Ltd (QCC) établie en 1993 est l'un des plus gros fabricants d'herbicides en Chine avec plus de 10 ans d'expérience d'exportation. Nous pouvons fournir plus de 20 types de produits techniques ainsi que des centaines de formulations connexes et nos produits sont de plus en plus populaires sur les marchés étrangers.

À propos du produit:

Name of Product Imidacloprid
Chemical Name 1-((6-Chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl)-N-nitro-imidazolidinimine
Molecular Weight 255.7
Formulation 97%TC,  20%SL, 70% WDG
Property A colorless crystalline, the vapor pressure 0.2μPa(20), the density of 1.543 (20 ° C). Solubility (20 ° C) : Water 0.51 grams / liter, dichloromethane 50-100 grams / liter,.Isopropanol 1-2 grams / liter, toluene 0.5-1 grams / liter, hexane <0.1 grams / liter.Stability: In normal storage conditions,in neuter and acidic medium is stable, in alkaline water medium environment will slow decompose.
Toxicity Rats (male and female), the acute oral LD50 about 1260mg / kg, acute skin LD50 above 1000mg/kg, no stimulation to the rabbit eyes and skin.
Application object Widely used in cotton, vegetable, fruit, rice, wheat, etc
Control object Effectively prevent aphids, leafhoppers and other pests, etc
Preparation process Stir the toluene solution of N - (2 - chloro - 5 - methyl pyridine) ethyl diamines under room temperature, add hydrobromic acid, and obtain circular compounds. Then add concentrated sulfuric acid to the circular compounds under 0. Finally,add fuming nitric acid to reaction mixture and stir it for two hours under 0.  

Application to trees

When used on trees, it can take 30 – 60 days to reach the top, (depending on the size and height) and enter the leaves in high enough quantities to be effective. Imidacloprid can be found in the trunk, the branches, the twigs, the leaves, the leaflets, and the seeds. Many trees are wind pollinated. But others such as fruit trees, Linden, Catalpa, and Black Locust trees are bee and wind pollinated and imidacloprid would likely be found in the flowers in small quantities. Higher doses must be used to control boring insects than other types.

Certificat d'analyse

Imidaclopride 97% TC

A.I. Content (%)


Acidity (as H2SO4), %


Water content, %


Impurities insoluble in acetone, %



 white powder

Détails de l'emballage:
Cartons en carton de 25 kg

Groupes de Produits : Série d'insecticides > Imidaclopride insecticide

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